Worry-Free Warranties


Here at Marcela Montoya Remodeling, we stand behind the warranties we provide. For labor, our work is guaranteed to be free for defects and workmanship issues for five years from the time we install your job. We use only the most respected and dependable manufacturers for the products we install, and written warranties are provided along with each applicable product when we install your job. All of our warranties, labor and product, are available to you before you make any purchase. And, if you ever have any questions or concerns, all you need to do is contact us.

For warranties you can understand and feel good about, talk to our team about what you can expect after your kitchen remodeling, home improvement or design service is completed. We don’t just talk the talk: we make sure you’re protected well after installation is complete. When we say we’ve got your back, we mean it!

That’s just another part of our commitment to ensuring your 100 percent satisfaction. Our word is good even well after the job is done,. That’s because we build things to last, with quality materials and a level of craftsmanship that is a lost art with so many other companies. We dutifully screen our specialized subcontractors to perform portions of the construction work as needed, treating our clients’ homes as if they were their own.

Devotion to Customer Care

Choosing a full-service contractor for specialty home remodeling and improvement is no easy task. You have to make sure the one you select has your best interests at heart because the finished product goes way beyond the materials you use, or even the colors and finishes. It’s to whom you’ll entrust the care of your home.

Here at Marcela Montoya Remodeling, we are honest and upfront about everything from scheduling to costs to our warranties. Our team is here to make sure all your questions are addressed throughout all phases of your project. We provide you with all written warranties along with the associated paperwork, but are always available if you have additional questions or concerns.

Learn More About Warranties With Marcela Montoya Remodeling

To learn more about our warranties in South Florida and beyond, please call us at (954) 900-9992.


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