Message From Marcela Montoya Remodeling

Message From Marcela Montoya Remodeling


Message From Marcela Montoya Remodeling

We care about your job – really. Almost 100% of our new clients come from referrals made by prior clients. Think about that for a minute. We don’t advertise on television or the radio, we get our new business from people who have already done business with us. The reason is because I want my clients to have excellent results, not just now, but in the future. I care about how a job is handled, and that my clients are pleased with the entire process – pricing, installation, clean up, and product performance in the years ahead. My name is on the door and my name is on the license, and it is my name and reputation that my clients and friends rely on when hiring MMR.

Integrity. Why do the home improvement and remodeling industry have such a poor reputation? Because everyone hates having to deal with a slick-talking high-pressure sales guy, who is paid on a commission basis and will say almost anything to get you to buy his windows, new kitchen, or whatever else he is selling that day.

We all know how it plays out –
is he is giving you fair prices? Are the materials and products he is selling really any different than the competition? You don’t know if the guy is representing an honest company or not – the list goes on and on. All he wants to do is sell you a job, get his commission, and move on to the next sale. Even if a company has a clean record with the state of Florida, the Better Business Bureau, or consumer complaint websites, does that mean they are really good?

At MMR, meeting the customer is only the first step in what we know is going to be an important process, because almost 100% of our new clients come from referrals made by prior clients. That means we need to be more concerned about making our clients happy than we are about charging the highest prices we can get.

No high-pressure sales, no “tonight only” sales tactics, no “let me call my manager” – none of the ridiculous nonsense that everyone knows is a silly game. We will give you a price based on excellent workmanship with a fair and reasonable profit margin – and then we will provide you a job performed with integrity and care, by a contractor who can be relied on to actually help you with getting what you want! That’s my promise to you.

Honesty. It is a sad state of business in America these days that anyone can say anything for any reason, and no one seems to be held accountable. I and my team operate differently. No lies, no gamesmanship, no phony promises. Why? Because we are a locally-based company, with almost twenty years of satisfied South Florida customers and friends. We live and work here, and I’m more concerned about doing the right thing than making money. Sounds ridiculous? It isn’t a slogan, it’s true, and when you meet me, you’ll see that. That is why residents across South Florida, from celebrities to snowbirds have relied on MMR for two decades to provide them with the finest personal contracting services in South Florida at a fair price – quick, clean and professional installation and an old-fashioned experience that you simply can’t find from those giant corporate construction companies.

Call us at (954) 900-9992 or email us at and tell us some of what you would like to learn about your home remodeling needs. We won’t disappoint you.


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