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About Us

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Our Story

I came to America as a young woman. Although I already had a degree in architecture and design, I wanted to start my life anew in America. I didn’t speak English, so I made sure my first goal was to learn the language and find a job.

Things started out a bit rough, as I was robbed the first week I arrived, and all my money, luggage, and even my credit cards and passport were stolen. But tens of thousands of people came to this country over the past two hundred and fifty years with much less than what I had, so I just picked myself up and kept going.

I found work at a reputable contracting company in South Florida, eventually making my way up the corporate ladder. But I realized very quickly that the services they were providing were less than excellent, and I saw shortcuts being taken, time and again – overpricing of jobs, sloppy workmanship, and so on. These were not the values I was raised with, and I knew I could do better. I figured that maybe it was time for a woman to get into the contracting field and try to offer a different kind of remodeling service – one based not on greed and taking advantage of the customer, but one based on honesty and relationships first.

Back then, I didn’t realize that there weren’t any state-licensed female contractors in Florida. I was informed time and time again that “women don’t belong in the construction industry”. But I have now been providing residents across South Florida the finest personal contracting services for almost twenty years. My goal is simple – treat my clients with respect and care, charge a fair price and provide the best service I can. Do an excellent job, do it right the first time – and if something goes wrong you fix it. Period. Care more about your clients than making money, and your business will do fine. It’s really that simple.

As a minority woman, I started my business on the conviction that everyone should be treated like family and that a woman can perform high-level contracting services as well as any man (and oftentimes better!).

Our team at MMR handles small and large projects, from kitchen and bathroom remodeling, additions, new interior constructions, interior and/or exterior renovations, demolitions or corrections of violation problems, and much, much more! We will help you accomplish the personal projects that are central to your life – and we will do so in an honest and ethical manner.

We have a passion for our work and our customers: no high-pressure sales, no “tonight only” sales tactics, no “let me call my manager” – none of the ridiculous nonsense that everyone knows is a silly game. I’ll give you a price based on a fair and reasonable profit margin – and then we will provide you with a job performed with integrity and care, by a contractor who can be relied on to actually help you with getting what you want!

The general contractor you choose will be the most important choice you will make when planning your home improvement project. It’s not which materials will you use, or even the colors or finishes. It’s whom you’ll entrust with the care of your home. We tell the truth always. That includes everything from scheduling, costs, and warranties.

MMR gives you all the solutions to any construction and remodeling project – regardless of the complexity. All work is done according to state and local codes and regulations. We use the industry’s leading consulting firm to make sure our contracts are in complete compliance with state and federal law – are easy to understand and are fair. Our responsibilities may include applying for building permits with all the counties, project management, and design advice.

We are committed to honest, excellent job performance and customer service. Your relationship with us – whether it is over several days, a few weeks, or months – is our highest concern. Why? Because almost all of our jobs come from referrals made by our previous customers! That is why we strive to give each client an enjoyable, successful experience. Our focus is always on the customer and making sure your experience with us is rewarding and pleasant from start to finish.

Our company principles – which I set in place years ago – focus on success during “day-to-day” operations, to guarantee that the common goal is achieved. This is accomplished through strong leadership, extensive job knowledge, creativity, proactive management, team-building strategies, financial strength, effective communication, and continued education. First, we satisfy and delight our customers, then we worry about making money.

Call us at (954) 900-9992 or email us at Marcela@mmremodel.com and tell us some of what you would like to learn about your home remodeling needs. We will be pleased to discuss the situation with you, meet with you, provide you with an estimate and help you figure out your needs, wants, or dreams into a beautiful reality.


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